Friday, May 29, 2009

And more "Weekend sewing"

It seems like everything I sew these days involves "Weekend Sewing" of some kind. I guess I must really like it. This is my version of the Flower girl dress. I finished this way back when I first got the book. For some reason I never got around to posting about the dress. But here it goes.
The sizing is off somehow. But if I recall correctly I read that somewhere in Blog land.
After tracing the biggest size on pattern paper I realized it would be too small for Maya. So I just enlarged the bodice and I have to say the sizes are easily adjustable. The instructions where clearly written and it came together in 2 Nap sessions. I guess I just have to seize the opportunity whenever Zoe goes down for her nap. Sewing a few hours straight without interruptions is a rare around here.

Since making this for her Maya has worn it quite often. So I guess she must like it.

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