Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ottobre 3/09

So a few weeks ago I received my first copy of the Finnish children's magazine Ottobre. After reading a few blog where Mama's raved about the magazine I figured I have to see myself what the hype was about. So of course as soon as it hit my doorstep I had to sit down and "read" the whole magazine. I was very impressed by all the different patterns (I think about 40 different ones). But then I looked at the pattern sheets and oh boy was I intimidated. All the patterns call for a seam allowance to add but the hem allowance was already included in the pattern. It made no sense to me. So I put it on the pile on my sewing table. It stayed there till a few days ago. I felt very brave that I could do this. So I picked out what seemed relatively simple to me, the "three way dress". There were only 5 pieces to cut out. Hey that sounded good to me. I traced a size 92. I figured Zoe will have plenty of room to grow into the dress. After tracing the pattern I added 3/8" seam allowance all around.

I have to say it came together fairly easily. I had some problems with the underarm seams. It just wasn't a smooth finish. So I just lined that area with some bias tape from the coordinating hem and sleeve fabric. By the way my fabric choices for this little dress where both by Alexander Henry found at my local Joann's.
I finished the little sleeves or frills with a rolled hem on my serger. And I have to say I was glad I decided to tackle my serger with the rolled hem and finally stopped being so afraid to do anything on it but to finish the seams. I really like the end result. Aside from the fact that the instructions are very minimal and definitely much less detailed then in a store bought pattern.

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