Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage sheets..

So a few weeks ago I went by one of our Goodwill stores and picked up 2 vintage bed sheets. After looking and contemplating what to do with them for several weeks I finally used them for pj's for Zoe. After my last project was finished, I was a little hooked on sewing more from my Ottobre magazine. I really wanted to sew some shorts for Zoe. So before cutting into the nice red linen I had bought for this project I wanted to make a "muslin" version from the traced pattern. So my vintage sheets came in handy for that. The pattern for the shorts is called "Hennina" in the latest Ottobre magazine. And I only tweaked the pattern a little bit by making the pants a little shorter and I didn't add the embellishment. So basically plain old shorts with an elastic waist.

I think the top and pants together make pretty comfy pj's for her. Pretty light. It seems to be the perfect combo for the hot and humid South Florida summer nights.

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