Saturday, March 28, 2009

And an outfit for Zoe

I finally made something out of my new book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

Here is my version of the smocked sundress:

I have to say this was the first time sewing with elastic thread. And oh boy it took me some time to figure it out. I did exactly what Heather described in her book, ironed it and.... it did not smock for all.
I was convinced I did something wrong. So off to my best friend the google bar.... Hmmmm.
I found a website that suggested winding the thread tighter around the bobbin and lengthen the stitch length. Wow, that made a difference. But still not enough smocking for my 15 months old waist. So I ended up tighten the elastic by hand. I guess not the proper way to do it but hey it worked. So after that was done the dress came together pretty easily.

Next off I tried my version of the Ruby's Bloomers. After the experience with the sundress I did the same with the elastic in the leg openings. Tightened it by hand. Well here is the result:

Those again came together pretty easily.
And here are some action shots of both.
I think the dress is pretty comfy for her. Oh by the way we were outside on the patio. It is in the upper 70's here in Florida.

And finally an action shot of the bloomers:

I made the large size (24 months). She has ample room in them. But I do think next time around I make them in the smaller size. So it wont be all crunched up under the dress.
But all in all I think the experience with the elastic thread was definitely a learning experience and so worth it.

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  1. Gotta tell you, my dearest, the outfit is WONDERFUL! It's now my favorite that Zoe has. One would not believe that this was not professionally done. It's amazing how quickly you've learned to do such good work. I'm so proud of you - and I know the girls are too.