Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laptop sleeve

So for the past few days I have been working on a notebook sleeve for my new laptop. It all came together relatively well but the thing is way too small. I measured so many times and I have no idea as in why it is so small. So needless to say I am really frustrated right now. I put a good few hours of "me time" into my project and now it doesn't even fit.
But on a good note I took these pictures of my girls this morning. It was pouring outside and my husband was about to drop off Maya at school. They are so cute. I love them. And they really cheered me up.

So back to the notebook sleeve. I searched the internet for a tutorial but couldn't really find anything that I liked. I already had my own ideas in mind. I wanted to use a heavier fabric then all the regular cottons I had in my stash. And a zipper closure instead of a button version.

So I had this idea to take some dishtowels by Orla Kiely found at Target. I saw on another Blog a bag made out of the towels and decided I give it a try. Well it is too small so needless to say there will be a Laptop sleeve Part II in the near future.

I used some batting that I had left over and sandwiched it between the outer layer and a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric). The PUL is for the sleeve to be waterproof just in case something spilled over it. For the inner layer I chose some darkbrown corduroy. Sewing in the zipper was a little ackward. I figured there were just too many layers of fabric.

So off to find another project...

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