Friday, March 6, 2009

My new Books

About a week ago I ordered some books at And of course as usual I was stalking my mail carrier for the last few days anxiously awaiting the arrival.

Yesterday was the day when my mail carrier honked her horn to let me know she has a package for me. I have to say receiving packages is like Christmas and Birthday together for me. I love unwrapping little surprises.

I ran into the house, Zoe still taking her morning nap.

I opened the box and started reading instantaneously. I love books. You can get so much knowledge and inspiration out of books.

Weekend sewing by Heather Ross. Ohh I have so many ideas in mind. Hmm which fabric for what project. I spent most of my morning online to find some fabric for the goodies I want to create. I think my husband will get a heart attack tonight after my various orders. He is very understanding for my love of fabric and passion for sewing.

The second book I had ordered is The modern Quilt workshop by Bill Kerr. Quilting has always been something I wanted to try. So as I was browsing on I came across his book. I am completely new to making quilts. So we will see if I can teach myself how to quilt with this book.
I will update you later...

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