Monday, July 20, 2009

Maya got a new dress....

... finally.

This is still part of her Birthday present. It was a big work in progress. I had it buried in one of my boxes far too long. As part of my cleaning up on Saturday I went through pretty much all my fabric boxes and pulled out all kinds of stuff that was abandoned and forgotten. So I came across the unfinished dress, looked at the smocking and knew I had to take everything out. So I was once again united with my BFF the seam ripper.
After some swearing I was finally able to smock the fabric. I really started to like the result. The dress is similar to this one I made a while back from the book Weekend sewing. This time around I sewed the top down first before smocking. That way it was a lot easier then the first time around.
I also used a different fabric for the straps and the bottom. I love it. And of course more importantly Maya loves it.

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  1. She is so cute!! I love the fabric of this baby dress!! Best for summer time...